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Stream Line - cloud & boundary layer 
Research LiDAR

Stream LinePro - Boundary layer profiler Stream LineWind-Pro - mast replacement wind profiler Stream LinePro-Lo - Mast replacement and more 'Vector' - Full waveform, all-sky 3-D laser imager

The Vector 3D laser imager offers multi wavelength, full waveform data capture, coupled with the flexibility of an all-sky scanner.

The Vector-DD is a direct detection (DD) 3D (range, angle, angle) active imager with an all-sky full hemisphere scanner. It employs a nodal point design so that all the lines-of-sight converge to a single point at the instrument*. In addition, two wavelengths can be transmitted so that differential reflectivity information can be derived. The unit is compact and portable and operates from 24V DC.


* Angle and range resolutions are of the order 0.5mrad and 15cm respectively.


Left. The Vector is set up to take an image at Salford University


Below. 2 images collected during an intercomparison field experiment in Australia during October 2013. Both images are intensity visualisations with a scan movement of 1mrad in zenith and 1mrad in azimuth. 



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