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The Galion LiDAR, distributed by SgurrEnergy, has been optimised for collecting data for wind power applications. 

The all-sky scanning capability enables many more data collection opportunities than VAD scanning alone.
Galion Lidar is a laser-based wind profiler device, developed and distributed by SgurrEnergy to measure wind speed and capture directional data.  With its unique all-sky scanning capability and up to 4km range, Galion is a mature remote sensing technology that is successfully used for wind mapping applications worldwide.

To find out more about Galion Lidar and to speak to SgurrEnergy’s lidar experts, contact SgurrEnergy.

Features of Galion Lidar

  • ·         Pulsed laser device for wind speed and direction measurement

  • ·         High resolution data capture

  • ·         Up to 4km range

  • ·         Remote access to real data

  • ·         All-sky scanning steerable beam

  • ·         Environmentally tested from -15°C to +35°C

  • ·         Independently validated by Risø DTU, Deutsche Wind Guard, Fraunhofer IWES and DNV Kema

  • ·         Onshore and offshore models available

You can find out more about Galion’s capabilities and selection of scan geometries by viewing SgurrEnergy’s Galion Lidar brochure or visiting www.galionlidar.com.

Galion’s scanning options

A variety of scan options are available and Galion can conduct 3D scans including:

  • ·         Vertical cross section scan

  • ·         VAD scan

  • ·         Arc scan

Independently verified

Having established itself as a trusted technology for wind mapping, Galion Lidar has received independent validation from four industry respected institutions, including:

The latest addition to five years of independent and in-house testing strengthens the move towards general industry acceptance of the cutting edge wind measurement tool. Galion has now become the first and only lidar to be independently verified in two distinct ways – both in the industry standard cone scan and now also the arc scan geometry.  This proves Galion’s accuracy for two applications; local mast mode and remote mast mode.


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