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Stream Line - cloud & boundary layer 
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Stream LinePro - Boundary layer profiler Stream LineWind-Pro - mast replacement wind profiler Systems for airborne applications 'Vector' - Full waveform, all-sky 3-D laser imager


The Halo Photonics LiDAR base unit is a rugged, turn key system. It can run from 24V or mains AC power and can have custom mounts fitted for vehicle or aircraft fitment. 

  This system is not weatherproof or environmentally sealed. It can be housed inside a suitable building, temporary structure, vehicle or aircraft as shown below.


The LiDAR base unit and the two antenna options. The system can be supplied with either of the antennas shown depending upon the application.



The NOAA twin Otter aircraft housed the LiDAR during two experiment campaigns during the summers of 2009 and 2010.





The system can be fitted in a day. The harsh environment of the non-pressurised aircraft deployment caused no problems for the LiDAR system on either campaign.


Data examples from the campaign, can be found here



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